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FIFA 19 Career Mode Guide and Update: New Features and Champions League of FIFA 19 Career Mode You Need Know

9/20/2018 11:07:48 PM

FIFA 19 Career Mode update! Huge! Premier League badges and font confirmed if you get promoted to the Premier League in FIFA 19 Career Mode! And the Champions League coming to FIFA 19 is one of the biggest developments Career Mode has ever had. Flashy new features like exciting interactive transfer negotiations, unique player contract clauses, dynamic news (those little snap cutscenes that played in the main hub) and a selection of fresh training drills all tightened one of EA's most overlooked modes, but they didn't solve some niggling problems with the game's backend. Well, Let's see the EA Sports posted the news about FIFA 19 Career Mode update, featuring new licenses and features that make your football career mode alive, check out in here. Below are some several features and updates about FIFA 19 Career Mode shared you need know.

FIFA 19 Career Mode

Champions Rise in FIFA 19 Career Mode

Just like everything in FIFA 19, the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and Super Cup are completely integrated into Career Mode. Take your favourite European club to glory in any of the competitions, from the biggest clubs in UEFA to relative minnows from smaller leagues. Depending on your club's previous season finish, you can start in qualifying or in the group stage and play every subsequent match of the tournament en route to the final.

The main Career Mode screens also have a new dynamic user interface (UI) that seamlessly changes visuals whenever your club has an upcoming match in the UEFA Champions League or Europa League. The league standings and fixture list UI has also been completely redesigned to provide a more informative and helpful Career Mode experience. 

Ultimate Difficulty has been added

The hardest AI difficulty you can play against in Ultimate team has been brought across to Career mode.This means those of you looking for a step up from the legendary difficulty will get a chance to show off your skills and get some real practice in.

FIFA 19 Career Mode Ultimate Difficulty

Pre-game Cutscenes

Along with the draw cinematics, you will also get to see the players getting off the bus at the beginning of a game along with mid-game cut scenes of players warming up and taking selfies with the crowd. Player signing scenes have also had a re-vamp.

Training players up

One of the most exciting features likely to have a huge effect on how you play is the ability to train a player's strength and sprint speed. Training them up will no doubt put your team leagues ahead of opponents.

Managers and handling the press

You'll now be able to customize your managers and have them host press conferences. Multiple dialogue options will allow players to react to games the way they want to, but be warned – your choices may dramatically affect your career.

The Most Authentic FIFA Career Mode Yet

In FIFA 19 Career Mode, you'll find authentic broadcast overlays, sleeve badges (including honour badges that a club gets after winning the competition five times), and even the rule change that allows for a fourth substitution in extra time. League badges are now dynamic for many countries too, which means that your club's league badge will be changed when you get promoted to a higher league.

LaLiga is also getting a huge boost in Career Mode for FIFA 19, thanks to the addition of new stadiums, player head scans, and more. Spain’s top league is alive in the way you’ll feel each moment you hit the pitch. The official English Premier League and Major League Soccer broadcast packages are also returning to draw you in as you compete in the world's biggest leagues.

You can also now lead a club to glory from one of the hottest leagues in world football right now: the Chinese Super League.

Selling Players Has Become Easier

Buying players is one thing, selling them is another entirely.

In 18, it wasn't always easy to offload unwanted squad members even if potential suitors had agreed to a fee in those interactive transfer negotiation screens. It was maddening to go through all that only to hear that the player in question hadn't been able to agree on personal terms with the buying team, leaving their bid dead in the water. Come 19, that'll be (largely) a thing of the past. Selling players is reportedly much easier in this year's game, and that's because players themselves aren't as pig-headed about leaving; the example used in one YouTube video from FNG was that Liverpool's Lazar Marković was more open to a move from Anfield to Fenerbahçe than he was to Hull City.

FIFA 19 YouTuber FNG

That's more realistic, and it's also heartening to know that CPU clubs will now be alerted to players you dump on the transfer market. In addition, it'll now be possible to always agree terms inside transfer windows. This is better than 18's fascination with players wishing to leave when you couldn't sell them, leaving you any time to replace them or use funds from their move.

EA Have Sorted Youth Team Gripes

For a license-heavy game that beams pictures of football's biggest stars at you like a Panini sticker album, FIFA 18's Career Mode had one major flaw in presentation: youth players, nonsensically, didn't have avatars that matched their on-the-pitch character models. Illusion shattered, and time to hit the reset button. 

This wasn't a massive problem for some teenage sensations, but it was hard to put up with Nigerian 17-year old goalie Kelvin Kuti turning out to be white-skinned and ginger-haired when you picked him ahead of Champions League fumbler Loris Karius. Kuti wasn't an isolated example either, and that broke any and all connection with EA's fictional football world.

In FIFA 19, they've put this right. Avatars now match models, and new 'Next Generation' cut scenes on the dash recommend young prodigies in a more intuitive way. In another nice touch, your own youth players get a few million added onto their transfer valuations if they're featured in the top four. This, at least, sorts out one grumble players who enjoy fostering young talent had with the last few FIFA entries.

Budget Changes Are More Realistic

Helping any transfer-happy manager out in FIFA 19 is the enhanced (and more realistic) method of deciding budgets at the beginning of each season. In prior games, budgets were woefully inconsistent with what was happening on the pitch. Club boards seemed painfully stingy when it came to doling out money to spend, and it made the experience more of a chore than it should've been. That's changed in 19. Now, performances in the bigger competitions actually matter.

For example, win the UEFA Champions League and you can expect a higher transfer budget for the following summer. The same goes if your side happens to be blasting through pre-season targets by Christmas. If Wolves are in the top six by December, then the board should be more willing to part with the necessary cash in January's window that'll help them over the finishing line.

That's how real-life football works anyway, and it's about time FIFA got up to speed. Hearing budgets are more in-step with the real footy market is exciting for anyone who bemoaned EA's penny-pinching approach in FIFA 18.

There's a bigger emphasis on realism in this year's game. No more Man Utd buying every top striker in sight, no more unrealistic objectives that punish title-winning players for not signing someone under the age of 20, and no more pretending when it comes to UEFA's top European competitions. OK, Despite the lack of new features and improvements in FIFA 19 Career Mode, one thing we are really pleased about is the gameplay. FIFA 19 is 100% the best football game we have played. Very excited to start the playing FUT 19 Career Mode tomorrow Early Access!

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