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Final Fantasy XIV Housing - FFXIV House Is Static Symbol For Some or Fundamental Right For Everyone?

7/17/2017 5:45:39 PM

In Final Fantasy XIV, worldviews meet. It's about houses and property. A value debate in an MMORPG that is far from the "healing world" that publishers like to draw.

There are amazing themes for an MMORPG:

     Should each player have a house?

    Or are houses just for the super-rich?

    Who do I want in my neighborhood: other super-rich or even normal?

Final Fantasy XIV Housing

Final Fantasy XIV: Status-Symbol House

Houses in Final Fantasy XIV are not necessary, but nice. They are status symbols. You can decorate them, invite people and show what you have to play a bit "The Sims in Eorzea". Especially for roller-skaters, houses are important and for people who value their characters in an MMORPG well.

But these houses are not free, but they are relatively expensive. One has to learn to be able to make a commitment.

In addition to this: the situation in Final Fantasy XIV is as intimate as in Munich or Cologne. The demand for housing is higher than the offer - especially on the popular servers.


With Stormblood, housing shortages are on the rise

This has been the case for a long time, because of a series of coincidences the conflict has now been boiled up. Because the expansion Stormblood overflowed the popular servers so that Square Enix offered free transfers to smaller servers.

Then they took some - also with the idea "Hey, on these unpopular servers are still houses to have!" But also there were then quickly the houses away and newcomers found themselves homeless again. Then she caught sight of two players who shared 28 houses.

They had already bought themselves together on the server Mateus their own residential district, their neighborhood, in order to pursue their hobby: to own and decorate houses. They do like it.

In this situation there is a conflict that is clearly political.



Snobs vs. Couch potatoes?

Some say: This is totally selfish of you, you take away the opportunity for people to have a house. They pay the same 12 € per month as yours. You do not need 28, but give houses to those who have none.

But they say: We have worked for the 28 houses. They are us. You must accept that you can not have everything you want. We have come extra to this server, because the was empty and we do not disturb any. You have to accept that others wanted it more than you and therefore worked harder for it and earned it more.

This holds the opponents for a totally elitist and snobbish attitude: "So you do not want any poor in your neighborhood!"

The house owners say: We have not taken anything from them, these estates were empty for years. Besides, not everyone can have everything. If I do not raid, I do not get raid mounts either. The householder couple is not ready to separate from their houses. There are memories, for example, of the precious time they spent with each other there.

Final Fantasy XIV Housing - FFXIV House


Interests also collide in MMORPGs

A political debate as in the textbook. Different interests clash.

The US side Kotaku reports on the conflict and also asked Square Enix. They are drawn back to a rather comfortable position: "Actually it is only possible to have one house per character" - but this limitation seems to be easily circumvented.

In the long run, Square Enix wants to add more space to the game, but the situation is critical now.


Far from the world

My MMO says: "This is far away from" the whole world "and" experience adventure together ", the image that Square Enix would like to draw from Final Fantasy XIV.

It is interesting to see the impact of such design decisions in the long run. They shape the coexistence in a community.

The people who play MMOs bring the same conflicts and problems they would have in the "real world". If there was any doubt about this, they should be involved after this housing debate. Bitter realization: The social scissors between those who have, and those who do not have gaps further apart.

Why should it be different in MMORPGs than in the real world? They are the same people. Need cheap FFXIV Gil for your game? Welcome to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gils on Goldah.

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