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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team's Improvements And New Features Will Be Shown at Gamescom 2017

7/11/2017 9:50:11 AM

Everything that has been said during E3 2017 about FIFA 18 has been very interesting. You see a real change forward on key issues of the game. There is an evolution in the animations and in the way of perceiving and executing the actions of the players. In addition to that intensive use of the Frostbite engine we have discovered how to continue with El Camino mode, the story mode of the title, but to tell you the truth, what interests me is how FIFA 18 will improve its Fifa Ultimate Team.


The story of Alex Hunter is not particularly interesting, We do not think it is something really interesting or that adds value to the franchise as it has been doing since 2009 FUT mode, in which more hours is spent. FUT has a component that goes like a ring finger to football: that of strategy, planning and control of markets, and that feels much more football than any other mode adhered to the game, such as the story mode I mentioned.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team's Improvements And New Features Will Be Shown at Gamescom


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Will Be Shown on Gamescom With New Features

It will not be until the Gamescom that we can see novelties about it in this way, and the truth is that it needs them. In the FIFA FUT 17 it is still terribly cumbersome to look at according to which players, compare and move through their menus with a minimum of strategy applied. This could be solved by adding search options and customize them to better navigate through everything the title has to offer.


In Fifa Ultimate Team we end up spending more coins on famous players when there are usually other less popular out there just as good, and cheaper. Maybe these filters are not precisely because of this? It would not be too bad that the rewards came before, without having to play so many games and weekend options to have to play less. This is one of the reasons why this mode is sometimes forgotten or abandoned.


With shorter tasks and better navigation, it only needs to be easier to understand the way FIFA has to understand, interpret or give us points of skill, pairings, etc. That is, FUT remains fun, always has been, but is precisely why it fits best in the imagery of FIFA and the future FIFA 18 so it has to improve. We need better management, understand why FUT makes the decisions it takes to anticipate them, less complex and adaptable menus and the possibility of not having to invest our lives in so many games every weekend.


During the Gamescom 2017 we will know if these improve to arrive at FUT to accompany the optimizations that we already know FIFA will bring. Time to time, but if it succeeds we will play.

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