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FIFA 17 Pro Clubs Features: A Big Changes For FIFA 17 Pro Clubs Will Happen?

8/10/2016 2:11:50 PM

Pro Clubs is by far some players' favorite and most enjoyable game mode, is a special mode in FIFA which was integrated in 2011 and has still a huge community. You can create an online persona called a "Virtual Pro" and play as him and earn accomplishments to boost your "virtual pro" stats. The fundamental idea of "Pro Club" goes back to the basics of football: 11 players versus 11 opponents. Team spirit, tactics and communication are the keys to success. 

FIFA 17 Pro Clubs

EA Sports sold FIFA fans the dream of 11v11 online football all those years ago in Pro Clubs mode, it's beloved, but the mode just hasn’t delivered anything like the kind of continual development for years, so to see it falling by the wayside now is very sad indeed. The players who loves clubs all are excepting EA can do something, anything with Clubs in FIFA 17

FUT is massive, Career Mode is big, but Clubs does have its place among those popular modes if EA can get the core development time into it. They haven't shown that appetite for a long time now, but perhaps, FIFA 17 can be the start of something new. 


There's a rumor we've heard on the grapevine that EA Sports have big plans for UT and Pro Clubs. If that's true, it should be a big good news to every fan. 

And a screenshot that are circling social media suggest that tattoos might well be available in the player creation suite of FIFA 17 Pro Clubs. Tattoos were first introduced to the FIFA franchise last year, but never have they been part of Pro Clubs before. 

The photograph, as seen below, suggests that while creating your player in FIFA 17, you will be able to scroll through and select any of the game's pre-loaded tattoo selection.

FIFA 17 Pro Clubs Appearance

And following is the improvements we do think FIFA 17 Pro Club need, maybe EA Sports will give us a big surprise? 

-Different accomplishments.

-Different player models (tall players can be quick) attribute customization needed but limit it.

-A training ground just to have a practice on when you don't feel like playing a match.


-Customizable kits, badges and even stadiums. Would really give that personalized feel.

-Player roles and instructions

-A way to improve your AI through catalogue rewards or through winning matches and getting tokens.

FIFA 17 - Pro Clubs: EA Sports Football Club Gaming Series Trailer (this video was posted on FIFA officially fourm)

As FIFA 17 Closed Beta is going on, and some players have been enough lucky to receive the FIFA 17 Pro Clubs Beta, we can sure more information about FIFA 17 Pro Clubs will be known by us in short time. 

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