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FIFA 17 Gameplay Trailer & Features revealed, Story Mode -The Journey added!

6/13/2016 2:59:03 PM

FIFA 17 Gameplay Official Trailer has been revealed! This trailer has grabbed the many attentions, showing us FIFA 17 will have some big changes in gameplay. While the Frostbite Engine will power for FIFA 17, which injects new football worlds to FIFA 17 with a brand new play mode: FIFA 17 Story Mode- The Journey


There are four main features will be introduced to FIFA 17, in order to improve gameplay more freedom, intelligent and more way to finish. 

1. New Attacking Techniques: New options in attack give players more ways to create chances and finish in front of goal.

Driven Finish

A new shot mechanic lets players keep the ball low in any situation - finesse, volley, or when simply slotting it home.

Threaded Through Pass

Curved, precise or into space. Create opportunties with a perfectly executed threaded through pass.

Driven Goal Kicks

Quick counter attacks are now possible by passing it out from goal with power and direction.

Downwards Headers

You can now head the ball down and into the ground, making keepers work harder to save your goal bound effort.

2. Active Intelligence System: A brand new system introduces constant spatial analysis, increases activity off the ball, and changes the way players move, read, and react.

Constant Spacial Analysis

Now every player analyzes the proximity of their opponents and the space around them to better identify opportunities in attack. When you are on the ball your teammates understand if you can make a pass and adjust their movement to show for you or make a new run.

New Run Types

Smarter players and increased activity off the ball give you new and creative ways to open up the opposition. Orchestrated runs with multiple players, fake runs, stunt runs, and calling a player to show support are just a few ways you take control in the build up.

3. Physical Play Overhaul: A transformation in the way players physically interact in all areas of the pitch. Control is now in your hands as you battle for space and possession.

Pushback Tech

Pushback Tech innovates in trapping, dribbling, physics, and defending to create true-to-life battles for position and the ball. This is especially important when you want to control the ball and buy time for a teammate to make a run or get into a supporting position.

New Physical Interactions

Player interactions come to life in realistic detail across the entire pitch, like goalkeeper collisions, across-body tackles, 50/50 battles, jostling while ball is in the air and ball control while shielding.

360° Shield Dribbling

New proximity-based shielding will help you fend off opponents and keep possession. Defenders can be shielded out as you dribble in any direction.

4. Set Piece Rewrites: From free kicks to penalties to corner kicks, inject personality and experience control from every dead ball situation.

Direct Free Kicks

Customize your run up on free kicks. Create more variety in the spin and movement on the ball. You can now take outside of the foot direct free kicks that bend around your opponents.

New Corner Kicks

There’s a new targeting system from corners! It lets you pick out teammates with more precision and also changes the way they move as you’re taking the corner. You can now switch to a teammate in the box to perfect your golden opportunity.

New Penalty Kicks

You can move freely in your run ups. Approach the ball from different angles and at different speeds. Put a bit of personality on your penalties in FIFA 17!

User Controlled Throw-ins

Walk up the line to gain an advantage on your throw in position. Fake / dummy throw ins. Throw the ball with a bit of pace to make sure it reaches your teammate.


FIFA 17 Story Mode -The Journey Introduce

Alex Hunter will be one of the most talked about names next as year as you’ll be able to impact his career in FIFA 17 The Journey. Your performance on the pitch, and the decisions you make off of it will be crucial. You can make vital decisions throughout the game that will change what happens next and how other characters react to you.

Authentic Storylines: FIFA 17 The Journey will feel like a true-to-life experience of the Barclay’s Premier League. There will be so many different angles to consider when guiding Alex Hunter’s career.

FIFA 17 will appear on September 29 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC. The reactions for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be based on the Frostbite engine. While FIFA 17 Coins will be on sale here at first time, please keep your eyes on for more FIFA 17 News. 

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