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FIFA 16 Attacking Sprinting Tutorial for FIFA Ultimate Team

4/5/2016 3:37:18 PM

This Fifa 16 Attacking Tutorial will focus on sprinting, specifically when to sprint in Fifa. This simple guide will you the three different times in-game that you should sprint. It will also go into detail of the effects of sprinting in Fifa 16, and why you should not do it over 80% of the time.

FIFA 16 Sprinting Tutorial.jpg

The situations in Fifa 16 when you should sprint are:

1.) Breakaways or Counter Attack- Obviously if you are on a breakaway and have numbers or are going for a counter attack you should sprint. Make sure to hold down the sprint button and blow by the defenders as long as you have the numbers.

2.) Wingers- Wingers and LB/RB usually have a ton of free space along the wing. If you have that open space make sure to blow through it by sprinting allowing you to get to the wing and either cut in or cross.

3.) Advanced- Once you become comfortable and experience in Fifa 16 you will start to realize just how much space you need for a successful sprint. There are moments where you have a bit of space that you can sprint, but to know how much is enough space requires experience. I recommend if you are just starting out or practicing just sprint only in the first two situations.

Overall, the mayority of your Fifa 16 game should be spent without sprinting. Sprinting negatively effects you change of direction, ball control, passing, and moving through tight spaces. You should be doing short and quick passes to attack in Fifa 16 and not sprinting with all your players. Sprinting is rarely needed and to practice and improve you should play a full game without sprinting all together.

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